Winter Is Coming, How To Maintain The Digital Printing Machine?

Buying back a digital sublimation printer not only knows how to use it, but also how to maintain it. In the face of harsh weather, the digital sublimation printer is easily affected. The severe winter is approaching. Today, Fedar Spinning and Printing will introduce to you how to maintain the digital sublimation printer in winter. If you learn it, it can save you a lot of maintenance costs.

First of all, please close the doors and windows tightly to prevent the haze from harming the interior in smog weather. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment, and wipe the equipment every day to avoid the accumulation of dust. After the equipment is finished working, you can cover the equipment with a dust-free cloth to reduce the intrusion of dust. Finally, pay attention to the cleanliness of accessories.


Ensure a clean working environment

1. Nozzle: Nozzle is the core part of the printing machine. You must be extra careful during daily cleaning and maintenance. Regularly check the mirror surface of the nozzle and its surroundings for debris accumulation and clean it up. You can move the trolley to the cleaning position and clean the nozzle with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid. The surrounding ink remains, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

2. Guide rail: After turning on the power of the sublimation printer every day, let the trolley go back and forth several times, the dirt in the guide rail slider will remain on the guide rail, repeat several times, and then wipe the stains with a paper towel or cotton swab with a small amount of alcohol. In addition, it is recommended to use lubricating oil to maintain the guide rail once every two weeks, and wipe the guide rail with a cotton swab dipped in a little lubricating oil to ensure the smooth lubrication of the guide rail and the smoothness of the next use.

3. Grating: This is also a component that many people tend to ignore. The grating is a piece of transparent film behind the small frame of the digital printing machine, which mainly plays the role of positioning. If the grating is dirty, there will be ghosting. Daily use a cotton swab dipped in an appropriate amount of alcohol to wipe, both sides should be cleaned, do not use brute force.

Ensure the temperature and humidity of the working environment

Winter, first of all, means low temperature. The obvious effect of temperature reduction on digital printing machines is that the nozzles are prone to "blocking", which leads to the phenomenon of ink breakage, skipped needles, oblique jetting, Fedar ink, and virtual printing. This is because the viscosity of the ink increases as the temperature decreases, and the ink droplets condense on the nozzle holes. The nozzle needs to be cleaned to solve the problem.

At the same time, in winter, the temperature is low, and the relative humidity is also lower. Dry air can easily lead to edge warping and paper rubbing in the printing of digital printing machines. In severe cases, it may cause damage to the nozzle and motor.


Therefore, special attention must be paid to the temperature and humidity values in the operating room. The temperature range suitable for digital printing machines is 18°C-30°C, and the humidity range is between 35%-65%. At the same time, in the winter environment, do not place the digital sublimation printer in an outdoor environment. If the temperature in the operating room of the digital sublimation printer is low, air conditioners can be used to increase the temperature and humidify.

Be careful to prevent electrostatic interference

1. Be sure to connect the ground wire well before the equipment works. When the equipment is running at high speed, it is easy to generate static electricity. When the static electricity is large, the equipment is easy to absorb dust, and it is easy to cause damage to key components. Therefore, we must take the grounding problem of the digital sublimation printer seriously. .

2. Use the manufacturer's original genuine ink, the antistatic effect will be better.

The above is the maintenance method of digital sublimation printer provided by Fedar Spinning Printing in winter. Timely maintenance of the machine can not only prolong the life of the machine, but also greatly reduce the failure rate. At the same time, the production efficiency will be higher.

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