How To Choose And Store Eco Solvent Printer Ink In Freezing Weather?

After the winter solstice and entering the 19th century, it was freezing cold. If the eco solvent printer wanted to output ink continuously and stably for a long time, the purchase and storage of ink was also very important. Tiancai eco solvent printer has sorted out some little knowledge about the purchase, storage and use of eco solvent printer ink in winter. Let's have a look!


  • Selection and purchase of eco solvent printer ink

Too low temperature will change the viscosity of the ink, especially the poor quality ink. When the viscosity increases, it will block the nozzle and cause oblique spray and broken ink, affecting the life of the nozzle. Therefore, when purchasing ink, users should choose the ink with good weather resistance and good quality. It is recommended that users choose the original Tiancai ink, imported raw materials, smooth use, low viscosity affected by temperature, and continuous output for a long time.

  • Storage of eco solvent printer ink

When storing eco solvent printer ink in winter, pay attention to the temperature, especially in the north. The best temperature for storing eco solvent printer ink is 15 ℃ - 30 ℃. Therefore, we recommend that you store eco solvent printer ink in a warm room. If conditions permit, you can install air conditioning in the room or seal the environment to maintain the indoor temperature.

In addition, eco solvent printer ink should be stored in a safe place, stacked no more than 8 layers, and placed neatly to prevent collapse.


  • Precautions for ink use

1. Correctly identify the ink type used by eco solvent printer to prevent wrong ink type;

2. Add ink of different colors correctly, recognize the CMYK logo, and do not add wrong color and mixed ink for use;

3. When adding ink to the ink cartridge or the continuous ink supply (secondary ink supply) system, you can use the inking funnel or the related inking pipe auxiliary inking tool to avoid ink spilling when adding directly;

4. If the ink cartridge has sediment or other dirt, it is better to remove the ink cartridge when replacing or adding ink, wash it with clean water, dry it, and then install it back and add ink again.

5. During the printing and output work of eco solvent printer, pay attention to the ink capacity of the ink cartridge of eco solvent printer at any time to avoid the low ink volume of eco solvent printer causing the empty printing of the nozzle of eco solvent printer;

6. When adding ink to the eco solvent printer ink cartridge, please pay attention not to be too full. Add it to about 80%. It is best to add ink when the remaining amount is more than 10%.

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