A Eco Solvent Printer That Should Not Be Missed!

The Year of the Tiger is coming to an end, and it is time to stock up at the end of the year. With the relaxation of the epidemic policy, the market will be better in 2023. Advertisers who want to start a business and enter the market must seize this opportunity.

If you want to ask which eco solvent printer is the most popular for stock at the end of this year, it must be on the list!

Skycolor H1 four-head eco solvent printer is a high-end series of Tiancai, which has the characteristics of "high precision, speed, stability and durability", and is popular with advertisers. It has become the best choice for many advertisers to buy printing equipment.


The Skycolor H1 four-head eco solvent printer is designed with industrial structure, stable frame, high-quality accessories and high printing efficiency.

Four Epson i3200 nozzles work at the same time, with an output of 80 square meters per hour and a daily output of 2000 square meters.

There are two types of models, indoor and outdoor, to meet customers' diversified printing needs and achieve high-quality printing.

Skycolor h1 four-head eco solvent printer continuously upgrades and optimizes according to the market demand and changes, and leads the trend. This classic high-end printing device must not be missed!

As a leading brand in the field of eco solvent printer, the Tiancai series eco solvent printer uses its strength to interpret the four product advantages of "high precision, speed, stability and durability". Strive for perfection in details, select high-end accessories, and strive to bring users ultimate printing enjoyment; At the same time, strict production process and strict quality control are supplemented to ensure that users can buy at ease and use at ease.

SkyColor Printer is a Professional Manufacture of Wide Format Printers in China.SkyColor Printer focuses on Wide Format Eco Solvent Printer, UV Flatbed Printer and Sublimation Printer (https://www.skycolor-printer.com/ )More than 15 Years. .

The products are exported to Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and in many countries and regions around the world to establish a distribution network and service system.