FD51915E Digital Sublimation Printing Machine Can Meet Your Various Needs

The video shows the catwalk scene of the Louis Vuitton 2023 spring and summer fashion show. We can see that the clothes worn by the models are integrated with a variety of fresh printing elements. Each outfit has its own unique style. Everyone wants to be different from the crowd. Different, the pursuit of fashion, clothing printing personalized customization has become a trend, how to seize this market, the key depends on the application of digital printing technology.

Since the 1990s, digital printing has developed rapidly in my country, bringing a technological revolution to the traditional textile industry. Digital printing gets rid of the process of color separation and drawing, film making, screen making, color matching, and pulp mixing in the traditional printing production process. Freed from the framework of the conditions, let them give full play to their imagination and artistic creativity, and better express their design concepts. With its own advantages and characteristics, digital printing has promoted the continuous innovation and application of fabric patterns, and is playing an increasingly important role in today's fashion.


For example, Fedar FD51915E, a high-speed digital digital sublimation printing machine, is equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads, which can print more than 300 meters in one hour, and the effective width is 1.9 meters. The printing accuracy within 5 filaments and the realistic printing effect have won unanimous praise from many digital printing processing factories.

Moreover, it supports upgrading of 6-color printing, which can show various effects such as shades, gradients, moiré, and fluorescence in a delicate manner. It can be printed in one piece, and can meet the needs of personalized customization and mass production at the same time, and there is no waste of resources.

Fedar Printer focuses on DTF Printer, Sublimation Printer and Textile Printer (https://www.tex-printer.com/) more than 15 years. Fedar is a Professional Manufacture of Printers in China.

At present, Fedar products have been sold to all over the world, including U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan and other more than 30 countries.