Two Fedar 8-Head Machines With High Cost Performance

In terms of configuration, they are not the highest;

In terms of speed, they are not the fastest;

In terms of production capacity, they are not the largest either.


But their popularity in the market has not decreased but increased, in the final analysis, it is because it is balanced enough. The initial positioning of FD6198E-A and FD5198E-A is to serve small and medium batch printing processing. The speed of 370m²/h is completely satisfactory for general printing production. They themselves have no minimum order quantity, and there will be no waste of resources due to the size of the order.

Comparable to the flagship, there is no lack of functions

  • Epson Genuine Nozzle


Both devices are equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles. The nozzles have the function of TFP film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable ink droplet, which can precisely position ink droplets, make the image color layer richer and fuller, and the printing effect is more exquisite. . In normal production mode, the printing speed reaches 370㎡/h.

  • Silent rail

Adopting double Japanese THK silent linear guide rails, the movement is stable, the life is longer, and the resistance and noise during the high-speed movement can be effectively reduced during the operation of the ink car.

  • Advanced board control system

The professional digital printing machine board control system can easily meet the requirements of high-definition image output stability and transmission speed of digital printing.

  • Rubber strip expansion roller + air shaft type take-up and unwind system

During operation, there is no need to use other accessories to fix the printing medium, and the air pressure can be used to automatically adjust. Make the force uniform and the paper run more smoothly. The unique swing bar in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is smooth and tight, avoiding loose rewinding.

  • Intelligent drying, energy saving and consumption reduction

The Fedar digital printing machine is equipped with an adjustable dryer, and the manufacturer can adjust the power of the dryer according to actual needs, saving unnecessary power consumption.

  • Multi-color scheme printing, full and delicate color output

Both FD6198E-A and FD5198E-A can support an upgraded 8-color printing scheme. In addition to the basic 4 colors of yellow, red, blue and black, light colors such as light red, light blue, light black, and light light black can be added according to customer needs; Spot color applications such as Baolan, orange, and magenta meet customers' high standards for color and precision. Shades, gradients, fluorescence, and moiré effects can all be displayed perfectly.

Fedar Printer focuses on DTF Printer, Sublimation Printer and Textile Printer ( more than 15 years. Fedar is a Professional Manufacture of Printers in China.

At present, Fedar products have been sold to all over the world, including U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan and other more than 30 countries.