Fedar Textile Printing's 2023 National Dealer Technical Training Concluded Successfully!

It’s the golden autumn, and it’s the right time to be beautiful. In order to improve the technical service level of dealers across the country and ensure that more customers have worry-free use of machines, Fedar Textile Printing’s annual national dealer training conference was officially launched on September 5. The technicians gathered at Feidi headquarters and carried out a five-day technical training.

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Yang, the person in charge of Fedar Textile Printing, expressed a warm welcome to the technicians on behalf of the company and made an important speech on this training work.

The equipment for this technical training mainly focuses on Fedar's high-end 15-head machine and ultra-high-speed 24-head and 12-head industrial machines.


Technical training manuals and prototypes were provided on-site for everyone to watch and practice repeatedly. Senior technicians demonstrated operations on-site, using a combination of theory and practice to understand the performance characteristics, operating skills, installation and disassembly methods, problem troubleshooting and Maintenance, software installation and parameter settings, daily monitoring indicators, etc. are explained in detail to ensure that dealer technicians understand the causes of problems and how to take measures and respond flexibly.

The truth needs to be tested by practice. After all training work was completed, the technicians conducted a strict assessment and summary to ensure that everyone could master all technical knowledge points proficiently.


Only by combining work and rest can you get twice the result with half the effort! In addition to intense study, we also specially arranged football and basketball games to allow everyone to relax physically and mentally while enhancing mutual understanding and promoting communication.

On the court, everyone was full of passion and energy, showing the vitality of the Fedar Textile Printing technical service team, and also the positive service attitude of the Fedar brand.

After several days of hard work, all dealer technicians completed this training with excellent results.

At the summary meeting, Li Yang, the person in charge of Fedar Textile Printing, expressed his affirmation of the results achieved by the technical staff in their hard work over the past few days, and made plans and summaries for future technical service work. Afterwards, everyone expressed their opinions and shared their experiences during this training period and past work experience, to jointly promote the service quality of Feidi Textile Printing Technology to a higher level!

Fedar Textile Printing's annual national dealer technical training exchange meeting is coming to an end here. In the future, we will continue to follow the changes of the times, constantly pursue technological innovation and improvement, further improve the overall service quality, and bring customers More high-quality products and meticulous services.