Fedar FD51915E 15-head Digital dye Sublimation Printer

Today, the textile printing industry is increasingly inclined to adopt digital printing technology. As an efficient and widely used printing equipment, digital printing machines can meet the needs of small batch, fast and personalized printing. Fedar 15-head digital dye sublimation printer (FD51915E) is a high-end equipment with the following characteristics:


High-speed printing: Equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads, it can print 610 square meters per hour in high-speed mode, quickly meeting the needs of mass production. At the same time, high-precision mode can be selected according to actual needs, printing 430 square meters per hour. Epson's unique variable droplet technology (VSDT) can control the size of ink droplets, making the printing quality more delicate and realistic, and improving color reproduction.


High-quality printing: The platform accuracy error of FD51915E is controlled within 3 filaments, further improving the printing quality.

Stable operation: The fuselage has stronger rigidity to ensure high-speed operation while maintaining stability. The base and host are manufactured using industrial-grade quenching processes to make the printing process more stable.

Efficient production: Equipped with a 15-liter large-capacity continuous ink supply system, it supports multi-color printing (basic four colors plus light color/spot color scheme), and the printed patterns are delicate and lifelike.

Efficient paper retracting and unwinding control system: The standard 2000-meter paper retracting and unwinding control system, and the optional 10,000-meter paper retracting and unwinding base can achieve high-speed continuous printing and improve production efficiency.

Energy saving and environmental protection:

    - Ink is distributed on demand to avoid dye waste and environmental pollution.

    - Low labor and site costs, requiring only smaller space for production.

    - Equipped with multiple smart dryers, which can dry quickly and save energy.

As a comprehensive solution provider for dye sublimation printer, Feidi Textile Printing provides pre-sales consultation, in-sales debugging, after-sales service and software support. They have developed a variety of models with different widths, such as 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.2 meters and 4.2 meters, to meet the printing needs of different customers. You can check it online at Feidi's official website (www.fedar-printer.com), or contact your local dealer for purchasing information.