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How to choose sublimation printer? These factors can not be ignored


With the continuous expansion of individual needs, digital printing become more and more popular. Face to the market, how to choose dazzled printer? Fedar digital printer remind you some factors to consider carefully as follows.
Digital printing technology to abandon the shortcomings of traditional printing technology, no plate making, high precision, environmental protection, flexible batch. With the above advantages, digital printing blowing a whirlwind of personalized customization in the printing industry. Want to make a good personalized products, a high-quality printing equipment can not be less.

1.Printing Technology
The most common two printing technologies of digital printer are direct inkjet printing and thermal transfer printing, different printing technology corresponds to different types of digital printer. Two printing technologies both pros and cons dependent. The thermal transfer printing have high precision and small investment, but applicable fabrics are limited. The direct inkjet printing is opposite, suitable for a wide range of fabrics, but big investment and high cost.

2.Printing Precision
Different fabrics on the printing precision requirements are different, such as silk, chiffon and other more exquisite fabrics on the high precision, while canvas, sweaters and other more rough fabrics on the lower precision. Printing machine precision is inversely proportional to printing efficiency, the higher the precision, the lower the efficiency.

3.Printing Ink
Ink directly affect the screen output, different ink printing effect is different. We can according to our own requirement and fabric on ink to choose four color ink, six color ink, eight color ink and so on. Generally, the more color ink and the better color saturation and color of the printing, it also directly decide the color type of printer.

4.Printing Printhead
The printhead as the most important part and the main material of digital printer, it plays a decisive role in the choice of digital printer. The type of printhead decide to printing precision, the amount of inkjet, printing speed, the cost of production and so on. The choice of printhead to consider the type of printing fabric, cost estimates, the requirement of production efficiency and other factors, the printhead as the main material should consider all aspects the replacement of cost and durability.
The core standard of choosing digital printer is: Not to choose expensive, only choose the right! Keep in mind the above factors, let you choose the most suitable digital printer easily.